Ipsy Glambag Product Review: Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey (Limited Edition)

I enjoy experimenting with various nail colors. While I equally love just about every color on the spectrum, oftentimes I find myself gravitating towards nude colors. I like their versatility and simplicity. While I have a preference for brands like OPI, Orly and Essie, I am still open to trying other brands. Meg’s Twin Nail in Lovey Dovey came in my Ipsy Glambag this month which I was excited about. I Love the packaging, and how each tiny color snapped easily into one top.

The clear, twist off caps underneath are travel-friendly spill proof. Also, getting two colors (nude & grey) is a treat!  The brushes allowed easy application, so for those who aren’t really skilled at polishing his or her own nails, this is for you! The nude color suited my skin tone perfectly. Two coats of polish are sufficient and gave full coverage on my nails. The color dried quickly to a slightly glossy finish.

The nude color looks even more beautiful with a shiny top coat. I used Ciate London Gelology top coat which was in my February Glambag! I am sure any top coat would do. However,  the grey color wasn’t my favorite, just a bit harsh on my skin tone. But at $10 for two nail colors,  I’d definitely try the others. Worn alone or mixing and matching the colors is also fun because the colors are complementary. This is a limited edition, so hurry while they last!

Ipsy Glambag Product Review: Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Highlighter

Lately, no one seems to get enough of highlighters. They are a staple to nearly everyone’s make up collection, and its shimmering effects can be added onto a full beat, or applied to a fresh face sans make up. So when it comes to highlighters, I am willing to try just about any brand. Of course, whenever Ipsy sends me a highlighter, I am just as excited about it as any of the others I currently use.

Before I received my Glambag, I did a little research on Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Glow Highlighter. As soon as I discovered that it was sold out and on backorder, I knew I was in for a treat! Once I opened my Glambag, fishing for the pan I so desperately longed to try, I was slightly disappointed. It came in a minuscule plastic pan, which was hard to open at first. I get it, what should I expect from a sample, but geez! However, I must say that at least I didn’t have to worry about losing any products as it did come in a safely sealed container…

On the other hand, I love the formula of the Highlighter! It is highly pigmented, whether I wore it alone or over my foundation. I got the product out using my pinky finger or the tip of a blending brush. I could gradually apply more for that out-of-this world scintillating effect, or apply less for those conservative days at the office. Show Me Your Glow is also versatile, and can be worn as an eyeshadow. The full size version comes in a round compact, which retails for about $25. It is no longer on backorder (but its status subject to change due to its high demand, so hurry!!) and can now be purchased on Elizabeth Mott’s website. I will be investing in a full size because I also adore a multi-use product. I get more for my dollar. Who doesn’t appreciate that?

Ispy Glambag Product Review: TONY MOLY LipCare Stick in Mint Light

TONY MOLY is a popular South Korean cosmetics line full of whimsical imagery and witty packaging. This month, Ipsy sent me a full-sized Liptone Lipcare Stick in Mint Light, which I was excited about. The other flavors are Honey Moisture, and Rose Blossom. The packaging is adorable, and the product was easy to apply. I love lippies and don’t have any one brand preference over others, whether high end, mid priced or discounted. So, of course, I couldn’t wait to try it.

The packaging is similar to Pantone color swatches. Pantone is known as the “global color authority”, dictates “color of the year”, and influences which colors are in trend for the year.  Also, I had high expectations because anytime a brand markets a product as having a “mint” flavor, I expect a minty experience. The lip balm has a slight minty smell overpowered with an oily scent. So, I wasn’t really impressed with that. When I actually applied the balm I noticed I had to constantly reapply, which I found off putting.

I find this unfavorable for a lip balm because reapplication made my lips drier! I’ve tried cheaper lip balms like Bert’s Bees 🐝 that have better quality, and kept my lips moisturized. I don’t believe that the LipCare stick is worth it’s $10 price tag. I wanted to give a through review of this balm anyway, so I continued to try it. I really liked the packaging and I was hoping my experience with it would improve. So, I decided to try it with lipstick. Surprisingly enough, it did work well underneath my lipstick. However, I still wouldn’t buy this. So Mint Light isn’t right for me, although I would be willing to try TONY MOLY’s other products in the future.

Have you tried the TONY MOLY brand? If so, which products have you used?



A Preview to Ipsy’s April ‘SideShow’

As an Ipsy monthly subscriber, I get five sample or full sized cosmetic products for about ten bucks (pre-tax, pre-shipping). While some months, I am pleasantly surprised at the selection, other months I find myself glancing at the products in dismay, then tossing the Glam Bag somewhere (hence no recent reviews about the past couple of bags). That aside, I know that no brand is perfect and since they have wonderful customer service,  I continue to be a loyal customer.

Anyhow, when I got April’s Glambag, I was excited, although I found out what I was getting via the Ipsy App that allows you to pretty much view the products you should expect in your bag instead of waiting until the bag arrives. First, this month’s bag looks like a carnival ticket, which I adore, because novelty bags are so cute and fun! This one I will definitely use. They also allow us to stay in touch with our inner children. We should never lose them. After all, they pretty got us to where we are today!

Secondly, I like the selection of products, which are a variety that I can truly appreciate. I received a full-sized LipTone Care Stick by Tony Moly in Mint Light and Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Brush. I also received sample-sizes of the following: Truffle Therapy Face Toner, Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter and Meg Twin Nail Colors in Lovey Dovey.

I am really excited about each product (especially the toner, angle brush and nail colors) and will post my reviews soon, so stay tuned!

Also, if you are also an Ipster, please feel free to share what goodies you got in your Glambag this month!

BzzAgent Review: L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Cobalt Blue + Primer

When I saw that BzzAgent was launching a campaign for L’Oreal’s Voluminous Primer and Mascara in Blue Cobalt, I was immediately excited because blue is my favorite color. Also, having already tried a luxury brand mascara in the same color, I have been longing for the same quality but with a more affordable price point. So I knew I had to try it out. I was throughly impressed with the primer, which serves as a base to prep the lashes and maximizes the impression of the mascara. It was easy to apply, not thick and gooey, which could give your lashes that “tarantula” effect. After all, who wants to look like a hairy spider?

Afterwards I applied the Voluminous Mascara in Cobalt Blue, which I highly recommend even for those who are too shy to wear color mascara. It is very subtle, which I appreciate because I could get away with wearing it during the day and night. The mascara applies well, is not clumpy and dries very quickly. My lashes are still soft after application, which is beneficial because some mascaras I have used in the past made them dry and hard, which I think causes breakage. The color is also suitable for my skin tone. I like the shock factor it gives when people are close to me and they are pleasantly surprised that my lashes have a blue tint!

For those who prefer a natural look when seeking mascara brands, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara does the trick. While my own lashes are long, this mascara gives them noticeably extra volume (as the name states) and length. Although Bzzagent sent me this complimentary mascara set I would definitely buy this when I run out because the wand works well and it is affordable. The cost for both the primer and mascara retails for about $10, and about $6 separately. For the price, the quality of the product is good and it comes off easily with facial cleanser, or with make up wipes. The color is fun, yet easy on the eyes, and I definitely see a difference in volume and length.

Why Customer Service is Vital to Successful Branding

As with most customers, I am dedicated to quite a few companies, but there are a few key elements I look for. First, I am a sucker for packaging. I am easily attracted to color schemes, shapes and fancy lettering.  Another thing I look for is good quality for my money. And I have learned just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it is made with superior products and workmanship.But, the most important factor is one that determines a brand’s trust-worthiness and validity. A company’s ability to admit when a product or service wasn’t up to standard, and their willingness to take the necessary steps to appease the customer wins me over. Ipsy has proven to be one of those companies.

Ipsy is a reputable cosmetics subscription company, that allows the members to sample an array of products, from hair to skin to nails. As a monthly subscriber, I expect my Glambag to arrive in a timely manner, and when that did not happen, I took my concern to Twitter and messaged @ipsycare (Ipsy Customer Care Account). Ipsy responded in a timely manner, suggesting that I direct message them my name and address. Once I provided that information, they explained to me how they would resolve the issue, and to expect a confirmation email.

Once I received the email, I was informed to expect a replacement Glambag for my trouble, along with a Fed Ex routing number.  This showed me that Ipsy cared that a paying member did not receive her product, although it is not common, but went above and beyond to resolve the issue. A few days later, I received my Glambag, which turned out to have some great products (that are currently under review). But the point is, Ipsy was able to stand behind their brand even when something not-so-perfect happens.

Any company is great as long as all of their consumers are satisfied. When trouble arises with a product or service is when a brand really proves itself. A company is only as strong as its customer service, and has the maturity to accept when it has failed to please a customer. Good customer service is like health insurance. No one plans to get sick, but in case we do, it is great to know health insurance is available. I did not count on my Glambag being stolen in transit, but I am relieved to know that I can contact a company like Ipsy, tell them what happened, and they will happily solve the problem. That is when I can feel secure in my continued loyalty, and I know that a brand in need, is a brand indeed.




Ipsy Glambag Nov ’16 Review: Part 1

I love online shopping, and the highlight has been for me the anticipation that shopping  in a store cannot provide; it is more instant gratification, you grab, head to the register, then go. To me, there are some things that are just worth the ground shipping wait time, especially when it comes to beauty products. I obsess over them all, from hair to skin care and make up. I love them all equally! But just like most beauty lovers, I truly treasure cosmetics on a budget. So, I decided to gift myself a monthly subscription to Ipsy, which is an affordable $10.00/month (pre-sales tax). This way I could sample a combo of five luxury, mid-price, and/or drug store brands before I take the plunge to actually buy them.

So, I signed up, which was seemingly straight forward, but then I was asked to “share” my new status as an Ipsy subscriber via social media, in order to be removed from the waiting list! At first, I was a bit impatient with this step, but then quickly reminded myself that I usually share things I am passionate about with my relatives and friends, so I quickly got over it! Since I subscribed to Ipsy during the middle of October, I finally began receiving Ipsy emails: the first confirming that I would receive my first Glambag in November and what to expect on a monthly basis; the second was a “spoiler” email option to reveal which products I will receive by “sharing” my bag contents via Facebook or Twitter. I thought this was an excellent customer service strategy, since it did take the edge off of waiting.

I received my first Glambag, which was contained in this pink tin-foil packaging. Once opened, I see a palm-sized navy blue bag with gold cosmetic bottle and brush designs embossed on it. I was impressed with the bag’s unique design. Enclosed were my goodies, along with a card that had Ipsy’s monthly theme, Rockstarlet, along with suggestions on how to be interactive with social media while sampling the products. AT LAST, I took out my travel-friendly sized products, to my delight they were the following…drumroll, please…Tarte Maracuja Oil, Pur-Lisse Balancing Moisturizer, The Balm’s Mad Lash Black Mascara, Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Red Chili, and Formula X’s Nail Color in Huntress. For part 2 of my experience with these products, click here.