PTR Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask: First Impressions

In my review on the PTR Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, I waxed poetic about how great this mask was and my intentions on trying more PTR products. I have had my sights set on a few more masks. So, instead of blowing the bank just to try them and not like the results, I set my sights on the budget-friendly Meet Your Mask Sampler Kit, with retails for $25 for Sephora. According to the website, the kit contains six of PTR’s bestselling masks that “detoxify, soothe, hydrate, and polish skin.” While this was a great way to see which masks work well enough for the full-sized investment, I was so stoked to try the Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask the most.

As the name states, the smell is slightly rosy, but not overwhelming. The texture is also gel like, as the name states. These qualities are important, because I hold a brand accountable when they advertise or name their products a certain way. It glides on cool, and it feels light. The packaging recommends a generous layer of gel onto clean skin, so I tried a toner or witch hazel instead of washing my face with a cleanser. I wanted to test it to see if that was all I needed to do to prep my face for the mask, and I was right: it did the trick!

Throughout the treatment, which was ten minutes, my face had a cool and calming feeling. No irritation nor burning. After I washed the mask off with cool water, my skin still had that cooling feeling…which was so pleasant! I like to know that a product is still working after application. My skin felt fresh and smooth, so I will be definitely adding this mask, which retails for $52, to my skincare arsenal. I’m also curious to try it with the Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Cream, which retails for $75. I tried a sample of this cream before, and it was amazing. Just another PTR product to add to my wish list 🙂



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