Peter Thomas Roth: Therapeutic Sulfur Masque Review

I fell in love with the Peter Thomas Roth (aka “PTR”) brand after receiving a shocking news from a Sephora beauty associate who told me I had cystic acne, and that I should try the PTR Therapeutic Sulfur Masque.  Not only did it clear up my acne and prevented future breakouts, but it also prevented any future blemishes. Two samples later, I broke down and bought the full-sized jar, which I still have a sizable amount about 2 years since. A little goes a long way, and since it actually works I rarely use it! I’ve even applied it to my seborrheic dermatitis breakouts and it has dried up the inflammation! So for me, this mask has a dual purpose and was definitely worth the $47.00. Since then, I have been secretly obsessed with PTR.

I am a firm believer that if something works, then I must get over the price of it and see it as a worthy investment towards clear, healthier skin. Also, because it is clinically formulated, it is tough on my occasional breakouts or outbreaks but still gentle on my skin. It leaves the treatment areas nice and smooth (sometimes I use as an on-the-spot treatment or all-over facial mask). Another thing I have learned growing up, is just because something is good to you, it does not mean it is good for you. What I am referring to are some of those skin masks, creams and such that smell so great, but do nothing to solve the problem I bought them for. Which leads me to my next point: sulfur smells horrific. BUT, I enjoy the results this product brings than to give it up for a smell-good, but do-nothing product.


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