Victoria Beckham VB x Target Collaboration Hits Stores 4/9!!

International pop star, style maven, designer, and author Victoria Beckham is joining forces with Target to launch a limited edition, 200-piece collection. Scheduled to hit stores on April 9, the pieces pay homage to her Victoria by Victoria Beckham Line. Sleek, colorful, pantsuits, mod dresses and tailored, cuffed shirts are more affordable versions of Victoria’s signature style. What is also la-di-da about this collaboration is that the entire line, which ranges from petite to plus-sizes, has a modest price point of $70 or less.

Although Beckham’s own closet is the envy of all women, full of luxurious ensembles including those of her own design, she still has a practical approach to fashion, and her reasons for choosing to work with Target. “I wanted to work with a retailer that could enable me to reach out to women all around America no matter what their budget, I was really excited because I am often in Target stores with the kids.”

Another notably historical moment for Beckham is the fact that this is her first time tapping into the children’s clothing market. “I have so much fun dressing (daughter) Harper and can take what I’ve learned from having a daughter and really use that when designing this collection for little girls. I know what they like, I know what’s comfortable for girls, and Harper was really involved in the whole process and she has her collection and she loves wearing it.” Beckham is making it posh for mother and daughter to dress alike, so it is quite natural to expect that the entire collection will fly out of the stores and into closets everywhere.

Read my original post for Level 21 Magazine’s fashion blog here.


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