Ellie Saab SS17 Show

Stars. Literally. Everywhere.

I could literally go on and on about why Ellie Saab is one of my favorite couture designers, ever.

He literally transforms evening gowns to where they appear as heavenly bodies that exist on our earthly plane.

Think I am exaggerating? Well maybe I am….

For example, watch The Ellie Saab SS17 Fashion Show. It was liken to attending an intergalactic disco party. The fashion show exposes us to a mystical world that everyone should dare be a part of. The overall theme is reminiscent of 60’s glamour. Waists are snatched, legs are tawny and bare, and eyes concealed behind shiny, golden sunnies. Per usual, Saab gives us flowing, layered gowns, but with a starry motif.

Grommet leather skirts, Lame’ pant and short suits all pair well with stacked heels. Bell-bottomed pants, embroidered baseball-style caps and fringe vests compels us all to to throw up the peace sign. Although these looks aren’t typical of the designer, Saab didn’t disappoint as he stays near and dear to the voluminous and colorful gowns he is quite notable for. Also, crystal-clear bodysuits and dresses that still leave plenty to the imagination.

Tuxedo pantsuits in angelic whites and mysterious blacks teamed with golden accents. As the show climaxed, more dreamy gowns with bold stripes and gravity-defying necklines are otherworldly. Saab’s play with color, silhouettes, prints and textures makes his designs literally a cut above the rest.


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