Michael Kors SS17 Show

[(Disclaimer: this is not a post to bash, or slander the Michael Kors).

For the past few years, the Michael Kors brand has taken a hit due to an assumed aggressive market penetration of his bridge line, Michael by Michael Kors. This line, which could be found in most department stores, such as Macy*s or Dillards, is not to be confused with his eponymous luxury line Michael Kors. Please note that many luxury designers choose to create lines that are affordable at all price points.]

This post is about Michael Kors luxury line, and is a review of his recent SS17 show during NYFW.

Dresses, structured jackets, and soft silhouettes are the epitome of cool in this collection. Androgynous lines are blurred together as Kors blends haberdashery  with floral prints. A preview of his men’s line was also a treat: oversized sweaters with slacks, giving business casual a more playful approach.  A peek of argyle with pantsuits and platform shoes gave the tone of the show a 60’s vibe.

Bright colors and Bermuda shorts makes us all long for summer. The styles are relaxed, with effortless day-to-night wear. Trench “jackets” and palazzo pants are utility chic. Frilly, floral dresses in brown and blue combinations were easy on the eye. Fun swimwear had the same overall theme as the attire. Then came the “sequined finale” with beautiful, black dresses that allow for a gentle transition into spring. Michael Kors has raised the career dress code and weekend wardrobe standards with this collection.

The Michael Kors brand has and can continue to recover, and this recent SS17 collection is a prime example of that. Remember, Kors has been in the fashion game since 1981 and has thrived for nearly four decades. Many brands have tried certain strategies that proved unsuccessful. But what makes a brand like Michael Kors so profitable, is his preeminent ability to show resiliency in an ever-changing world. May the Michael Kors empire experience more success.


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