Why Customer Service is Vital to Successful Branding

As with most customers, I am dedicated to quite a few companies, but there are a few key elements I look for. First, I am a sucker for packaging. I am easily attracted to color schemes, shapes and fancy lettering.  Another thing I look for is good quality for my money. And I have learned just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it is made with superior products and workmanship.But, the most important factor is one that determines a brand’s trust-worthiness and validity. A company’s ability to admit when a product or service wasn’t up to standard, and their willingness to take the necessary steps to appease the customer wins me over. Ipsy has proven to be one of those companies.

Ipsy is a reputable cosmetics subscription company, that allows the members to sample an array of products, from hair to skin to nails. As a monthly subscriber, I expect my Glambag to arrive in a timely manner, and when that did not happen, I took my concern to Twitter and messaged @ipsycare (Ipsy Customer Care Account). Ipsy responded in a timely manner, suggesting that I direct message them my name and address. Once I provided that information, they explained to me how they would resolve the issue, and to expect a confirmation email.

Once I received the email, I was informed to expect a replacement Glambag for my trouble, along with a Fed Ex routing number.  This showed me that Ipsy cared that a paying member did not receive her product, although it is not common, but went above and beyond to resolve the issue. A few days later, I received my Glambag, which turned out to have some great products (that are currently under review). But the point is, Ipsy was able to stand behind their brand even when something not-so-perfect happens.

Any company is great as long as all of their consumers are satisfied. When trouble arises with a product or service is when a brand really proves itself. A company is only as strong as its customer service, and has the maturity to accept when it has failed to please a customer. Good customer service is like health insurance. No one plans to get sick, but in case we do, it is great to know health insurance is available. I did not count on my Glambag being stolen in transit, but I am relieved to know that I can contact a company like Ipsy, tell them what happened, and they will happily solve the problem. That is when I can feel secure in my continued loyalty, and I know that a brand in need, is a brand indeed.





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