GiuseppeXJennifer: A Match Made in Footwear Heaven

On Level 21 Magazine’s blog, I recently reported that Jenny from the Block, aka the Puerto-Rican triple threat from South Bronx, has launched a shoe collection with Giuseppe Zanotti, the Emperor of Glam. Not a stranger to fashion, we have seen her give us a mean sashay down the catwalk with her killer dancer legs for over two decades. With titles such as singer, actress, clothing designer, mother, and American Idol Judge strapped across her tiny waist like a champion belt, it was almost instinctual yet reasonable to expect that Jennifer Lopez would add shoe designer to her list of accomplishments.

And why not team up with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti, who is notable for his sky-high, alluring designs. See, his luxurious footwear is for the daring, those who were born to stand out, and not blend in with the crowd. Without a doubt, JLo epitomizes just that. She is bold, fearless, and stunning. Recently, she was spotted celebrating arm-in-arm with her partner-in-glamour (and business) Zanotti. In true fashion (bask in the pun with me for a moment), she attended the launch wearing marvelous ankle strap heels from her own collection.

As we all would hope, the tawny beauty wanted the line to mirror her own personal style. To make the collection even more personal for her, JLo named the shoes after the women in her life. Inherently she knew the shoe names almost immediately after Zanotti implored her to do so. She has shoes named after her daughter Emme, her sisters Leslie-(after whom the ankle strap heel seen above, is named) and Lynda, and her cousin Tiana. They remind her to stay grounded throughout her journey, just like her fabulous shoes that keep her feet firmly in place.


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