Ipsy Glambag Nov ’16 Review: Part 2

(for Part 1 of this lengthy review, click here). Let’s start with Tarte Maracuja Oil, because I have been eyeing this purple-bottled oil at Sephora for a long time, but the hefty $48 price tag was a repellent to my debit card. So, I was elated to see it in my Glambag! That first night I couldn’t wait to try it, a bit leery about using oil on my face during the day. It surprisingly left my face velvety smooth, and melted right onto my skin, since I was concerned that I would either break out or look greasy! I’ve tried a certain drugstore facial oil before, which ironically left my skin deprived of moisture, but Tarte was a pleasant surprise! I even apply some drops of this slightly nutty-smelling oil onto my beauty blender before I apply foundation, and it gives my face a fresh, dewy look. So, I definitely recommend this product and would buy a full-sized bottle.

The second item in my bag that I couldn’t wait to try was the Pur-lisse Balancing Moisturizer. Part of a facial care line created by former Power Rangers villain, actress Jennifer Yen, I was again concerned because I have sensitive skin and worried that this moisturizer would cause irritation.  Reading that it contains blue lotus, which is known for anti-inflammatory benefits, eased my mind. It also has white tea, known for anti-bacterial agents as well as Vitamin E which prevents premature aging. With that being said, it left my skin with a cool and lightly refreshed feeling, making my face supple and amazingly smooth, so much so, I utilized my Ipsy 30% discount towards a full-sized bottle. I will definitely continue to use this moisturizer, and intend on trying other Pur-lisse products.

Since I have tried a laundry list of mascaras before, with some, little, or no “wow factor”, so honestly I wasn’t really pressed to try  The Balm Black Mascara out. But, I was impressed with the wand, which had tiny bristles spaced apart perfectly so that each lash could get a fair share of mascara without clumping together. But…that’s it. This is the only item in my Glambag I could have honestly done without. Not a bad product, but not good enough to buy. I wouldn’t have known this have it not been in my bag. So, nothing lost nor gained.

I am normally a nude lip gal, so when I saw Color is Bae in Red Chili I was both thrilled and horrified! But then again, it is always good to try new things; after all, the things you are now comfortable with were once new to you too…So yeah. I tried it and loved it! First of all, I was delighted to find that this lippie was matte, which means it has staying power. It was also soft and didn’t sink into the lines of my lips, which is a plus, so I wouldn’t have that chapped look.

Finally…I tried Formula X Nail Color in Huntress, so if you cannot guess by the name, it is “huntress” green with flecks of gold, and with a hint of teal upon application. I adored how this color dried to a luster finish, although I added a top coat for extra shine, which wasn’t necessary. BUT….this nail color already chipped after less than 48 hours, so don’t expect your mani to last long. Mind you, I used a base coat, top coat, and two coats of nail color. So…this is a “no” for me. More like “Hell Naw, to the Naw Naw Naw”, but theres always that chance with nail polish, so overall I’d say my first Ipsy experience was overall pleasant. I appreciated the variety of products as I suggested in my questionnaire, so I know someone at Ipsy was attentive to my wants, and I look forward to my next Ipsy bag.


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