Ipsy Glambag Nov ’16 Review: Part 1

I love online shopping, and the highlight has been for me the anticipation that shopping  in a store cannot provide; it is more instant gratification, you grab, head to the register, then go. To me, there are some things that are just worth the ground shipping wait time, especially when it comes to beauty products. I obsess over them all, from hair to skin care and make up. I love them all equally! But just like most beauty lovers, I truly treasure cosmetics on a budget. So, I decided to gift myself a monthly subscription to Ipsy, which is an affordable $10.00/month (pre-sales tax). This way I could sample a combo of five luxury, mid-price, and/or drug store brands before I take the plunge to actually buy them.

So, I signed up, which was seemingly straight forward, but then I was asked to “share” my new status as an Ipsy subscriber via social media, in order to be removed from the waiting list! At first, I was a bit impatient with this step, but then quickly reminded myself that I usually share things I am passionate about with my relatives and friends, so I quickly got over it! Since I subscribed to Ipsy during the middle of October, I finally began receiving Ipsy emails: the first confirming that I would receive my first Glambag in November and what to expect on a monthly basis; the second was a “spoiler” email option to reveal which products I will receive by “sharing” my bag contents via Facebook or Twitter. I thought this was an excellent customer service strategy, since it did take the edge off of waiting.

I received my first Glambag, which was contained in this pink tin-foil packaging. Once opened, I see a palm-sized navy blue bag with gold cosmetic bottle and brush designs embossed on it. I was impressed with the bag’s unique design. Enclosed were my goodies, along with a card that had Ipsy’s monthly theme, Rockstarlet, along with suggestions on how to be interactive with social media while sampling the products. AT LAST, I took out my travel-friendly sized products, to my delight they were the following…drumroll, please…Tarte Maracuja Oil, Pur-Lisse Balancing Moisturizer, The Balm’s Mad Lash Black Mascara, Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Red Chili, and Formula X’s Nail Color in Huntress. For part 2 of my experience with these products, click here.


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